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How can I see my site (sitepreview) before I update the nameservers? Microsoft Windows Host file?


In case of transfer of your site from another company to Top.Host, but also in case of internal transfer of your site, from one server of Top.Host to another before proceeding to the declaration of the servers through your registrar, you can modify the hosts file of your computer and according to this modification your computer will see the new server and not the one from which the site is online.

This process consists of the following simple steps.

1. Click on Start and in the search field write Notepad or Notepad (depending on whether you have a Greek or English version of Windows). After you finish typing, Notepad will appear at the top.

2. Right-click the application and then click Run as administrator.

3. From Notepad, select File -> Open.

4. Locate the path c:windowssystem32driversetc and ask to display all files. Select the hosts file and click Open.

5. At the end of the text that will appear add your registration for example

where is a random IP (you enter the IP of your server) and where you enter your own domain.

6. Save your changes by selecting File >> Save, close the hosts file and open your sites in a new browser (mozilla firefox, Google chrome, Internet explorer) and proceed with the necessary checks on your part.

Finally, after making sure everything is working as desired, delete the entry you added from the hosts file and save it to restore it to its original form.

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