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How to create strong passwords?


Passwords related to anything related to hosting your services online should be very well protected. Especially the email service code. If a hacker recovers this password, they can use the "Forgot your password" feature for many services as well as your ebanking account.

There are certain rules that one must follow in order to set a strong password. The most important of them are the following:

  1. The length of the code must be at least eight to sixteen characters.
  2. The code should consist of uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Change passwords at regular intervals.
  4. The use of simple, easy codes such as 123456 or 123qwe is prohibited.
  5. Variants of the username in your password are prohibited.
  6. Block codes related to you or your date of birth.

But how do I set a strong code and how do I know if that code is strong enough?

It makes no sense to set a 15-character code that meets the above rules and have it stuck on Post it on the screen and on pieces of paper in our wallet.

For example:

If we want to define a strong code, we can look around and observe the objects we see. So we can consider the word window. A very strong code can be derived from this word. So this word in Greek becomes: parathyro But this is not a strong code.

So let's make some conventions by matching some characters with numbers or with symbols. Thus, we can map o to 0 (zero), a to @ , θ or th to 8 , i to | or the ! or the [ . So our code will become: p@r@8yrR0

If we add a character like | or , then our code is even more powerful.

You can create strong passwords with the help of Top.Pass , the tool provided by Top.Host for free.

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