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How to generate the CSR in IIS 6.0?

Follow the instructions below to generate the CSR in Microsoft IIS 6.0:

  1. Open Internet Services Manager and select Start>> Programs>> Administrative Tools
  2. Right click on the website you would like to generate the key/CSR
  3. Select "Properties"
  4. Click on the "Directory Security" tab
  5. Under "Secure Communications" click on "Server Certificate"
  6. This will launch the "Web Site Certificate Wizard" - Click "Next".
  7. From the "Web Site Certificate Wizard", select "Create a new Certificate".
  8. Select "Prepare the request now, but send it later" from the list.
  9. Type the certificate name and select 2048 bit length from Key file.

Follow the instructions below to generate the CSR:
This information will appear on your certificate, and indicates the owner of the key to users
- The CSR is only used to generate the certificate
- Use Latin characters and do not use any of the following characters: [! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) ~ ? > < & / , . "']

10. Enter your company information

11. Type the Common Name. Common Name is the name for which you wish to issue the certificate. For example "" or "". It is important to provide a correct Common Name, because based on this the certificate will be issued and work. If e.g. certificate is issued for "", the browser will issue insecure warning messages if you try to open the page (ie using "www").

12. Type the file name of the requested certificate (CSR) and the location where you would like to save it.
13.  The next page will display a summary of the certificate you want to install.
14. Click "Finish" to complete the "Web Server Certificate wizard".
15.  Open the generated file and copy the CSR it contains inside. Then you should paste it in the SSL activation form, in the Control Panel of Top.Host.


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