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What are first payment credits on Dedicated Servers?

At Top.Host, the renewal policy for dedicated servers is different in terms of the renewal date, depending on the server and the data center. Renewal is based on the following:

When you buy a dedicated server, the next renewal date will not be exactly one month after, but 5 days before the day of delivery from the data center. For example, if the delivery date from the data center is 05/10, the next renewal date will be 01/11.

In this case, we add to your account the monetary difference of 5 days as credits.

The first payment credits are the amount that remains as a balance in your account, when the amount of the server rental value is deducted from the amount of your first payment, until the next renewal.

In the following example we will see how the credits are configured in a renewal:
Let's say you ordered the rental of a dedicated server that was delivered from the data center on March 15th and paid €100 for the monthly cost. The server of this category should be renewed 5 days before the completion of a calendar month, i.e. April 10th.

From the €100, you are automatically charged during your initial order only the amount corresponding to the period 15 March - 10 April, i.e. €83 for the period of 25 days.

The rest (€100 - €83) = €17 corresponds to the period between April 10th and April 15th (one calendar month from the delivery of the server) and goes into your myTophost Panel account in the form of credits.

Therefore, on April 10, the amount of €100 should normally be paid for the renewal of the server. However, from the moment you will already have the €17 Credits that you have prepaid on your account, they will be automatically deducted from the final amount to be paid. So when renewing you will only need to pay the remaining difference, €83.

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