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What documents do I need for Comodo OV Instant?

Organization Validation certifies, in addition to domain name ownership, additional information about the organization or business that has requested the SSL. This information includes the name of the entity, the city, state and country in which it is headquartered. The issuing authority searches bank or local government sources and databases. In case the details are not confirmed, the payment of documents proving the identity of the applicant and the organization is required.

Of course, the first thing they will check is the electronic confirmation of the existence of your company, on the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For this reason you will need to confirm that your company actually exists through the Chamber's search, stating the name or distinctive title which should be in English.

Caution! All documents to be sent are required by Comodo to be translated into English.

The documents should be sent by the user himself to the following emails:

  1. Comodo :

OV => 

EV =>   

  1. Symantec :

In 2017 DigiCert acquired the TLS/SSL and Public Key Infrastructure businesses of Symantec, including the Certificate Authority brands Thawte, RapidSSL, VeriSign and GeoTrust.) 

OV => 

EV =>   

  1. Trustwave : 

  After you have already purchased and installed the CSR, fax the necessary documents. Once you have completed the above actions, you will receive the Cover Page, which you must complete and send in addition to your application with your company information as described below:

1.Contact Person: Name or managing director of a company in English characters, exactly as declared to the chamber or the competent approval body.

2.Contact Email: The email that also appears on the corporate site, as your company's email.

3.Company Name: Name in English characters, exactly as declared to the chamber or the competent approval body.

4.There is a possibility that they will do a telephone confirmation, so if there is any of your site up in the air, your company's address and phone information will need to be valid.

5.You may need a copy of your business phone or electricity bill, translated into English.

6.Starting a company from the Chamber and/or the Tax Office and/or any other authority, which depends on the formation of your company.

7.If there is a problem for any reason in completing Comodo's ssl approval, you will need to fill out and send, certified by a lawyer or accountant in English, your company's validity confirmation form below.

You can join the world wide company Dunn & Bradstreet which is internationally accepted so that you can add your business there.

Note: Dunn & Bradstreet registration service is chargeable. For prices, check their website.

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