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What is Domain, Organization & Extended Validation certification?

What is certification?

Certification authorities issue certificates bearing:

- a public key and

- the identity of the owner for whom the SSL is issued.

When a user visits a site with a certificate, the browser generates a unique session key, which is encrypted with the SSL public key, and then the user's communication with the page is encrypted. Depending on the browser, the user may see a key icon or a padlock, which indicates that the communication is secure.

The issuing authority has the obligation to certify the details of the entity that requested the SSL, while the final issue is a confirmation by the authority that the public key included in the certificate belongs to that entity.

Depending on the steps the authority takes to confirm the identity of the entity, three different types of validation arise: Domain, Organization and Extended Validation.

What is the difference between the types of certification?

Domain Validation

Domain validation guarantees that when using SSL, the exchange of information with this domain will be encrypted and secure. It provides certification at a basic level, while for its issuance it is sufficient to confirm that the domain name is valid and that it belongs to the entity that requested the certificate. For this certification it is not necessary to submit any document, and just a simple click on the verification link that the issuing authority sends to the owner of the domain name by mail is sufficient. For this reason, the certificate is issued and activated immediately. Its use is recommended for entities (natural persons, companies, etc.) that immediately need an SSL, without submitting corporate documents, and is suitable for pages that require the exchange of information in an encrypted form. .x. for login pages, pages that implement small-scale transactions, email servers, etc.

Organization Validation
Organization Validation certifies, in addition to domain name ownership, additional information about the organization or business that has requested the SSL. This information includes the name of the entity, the city, state and country in which it is headquartered. The issuing authority searches bank or local government sources and databases. In the event that the information is not confirmed, the payment of documents proving the identity of the applicant and the organization is required. and certification of their corporate details and corporate identity. It is recommended to businesses of any size, which require the highest level of security, in order to gain the maximum possible trust from their customers and maintain their competitiveness. In some browsers, the address bar for pages with an Organization Validated certificate turns blue.

Extended Validation

Extended Validated SSLs are the ones that come with the strictest process of checks to confirm the identity of the organization. They differ from Organization certificates in terms of the certification process, as in EV SSL it is dictated by the Certification Authority Browser Forum and includes 7 levels, which require the submission of documents for: the exclusive ownership of the domain name, the headquarters of the organization, the physical and legal its status, its operation, the confirmation that the organization itself requested the issuance of the SSL as well as the physical and legal existence of the legal representative.

It is an ideal SSL for companies and organizations that want to show that they have passed the strictest evaluation control, in order to immediately win the trust of the customer. It is recommended to large companies with online and e-commerce services, who wish to maintain their competitiveness and immediately notify the customer that they are on a secure page with their personal information and transactions protected.

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