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SSL confirmation via HTTP(S) method

Confirming SSL via HTTP(S) validation method, requires the existence of a special file in the main folder from which your site operates.

More specifically, you will need to add a .txt file with specific content to a certain path of the home folder from which your site is running. This will allow the issuing authority to authenticate the domain and proceed with the certificate issuance process.


1. You will need to send a request to support, stating that you wish to change the way SSL is confirmed to be done via HTTP(S) validation method. For security reasons you can send the request:

a. Either by sending an email from the SSL administrator's email to

b. Either by creating a new request from the myTophost Panel >> Support >> Send New

2. After the technical department receives your request and takes the necessary actions to change the existing validation method to HTTP(S), they will respond to your request by sending you instructions for the file you will need to create in a specific path.

3. An example with instructions for SSL authentication via the HTTP(S) method is as follows:






Therefore, based on the above instructions you will need to create a "C0A95AC8833510FB60C55CE58671604F.txt" file which will exist within the path: "" and opening the file should have the contents:



So let's see how to create it step by step.

Let's say our site name is and it looks in the folder httpdocs/

3.1 After logging into your Plesk via the myTophost Panel, select Plesk Login.

3.2 Click on the Websites & Domains tab, select the File Manager icon.

3.3 Select New >> Create Directory.

3.4 In the window that appears, create the folder named .well-known and click OK.

3.5 Open the .well-known folder you just created by double-clicking it and repeat the same process, this time creating a new folder named pki-validation.

3.6 After opening the pki-validation folder, create a .txt file based on the instructions that have been sent. In our example, select New >> Create File.

3.7 Create a .txt with the name of your own file sent to you in the instructions. In our example the File name is C0A95AC8833510FB60C55CE58671604F.txt and select OK.

3.8 Then double-click on the .txt file you just created.

In the text editor that opens, copy the content of the file sent to you in the instructions (File Content) and select OK.

Note: In this step you have the alternative to upload the .txt file either via your Plesk or via File Manager to the specified path.3.9 Once you have created the above file, it will take some time for the domain to be certified by the issuing authority and for the new certificates to be issued. Once the certificates are issued, they will be sent to your SSL administrator's email and to install them, proceed to step 6 of the SSL installation steps.

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