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My site shows a blank page. What could be going on?

When your site shows a blank page, it means that there is a malfunction in your PHP. This can be caused by adding an incompatible plugin, or upgrading to an incompatible version of your CMS, or even malicious code in your files.

To find the cause that caused the problem, log in to Plesk and on the Websites & Domains tab, from the icons that will appear, select Logs.

1. Login to myTophost Panel and from there select "Plesk Login" to login to the Plesk of the package you are interested in.

All the errors of your application are recorded there. You will see the error reports at the bottom of the page and they will look like this:

[Tue Mar 10 13:21:55.307964 2016] [fcgid:warn] [pid 64913:tid 139889819277056] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr:PHP Fatal error:

In case you are facing Plugin incompatibility issue:

You can rename the Plugin that is giving you trouble from within Plesk, following the Path indicated by the error report from the Logs. You can delete it either by removing it from your Plesk or by restoring your site to a date when you had not installed it, from a recent backup. When you do any of the above, you will automatically fix the white page problem.

In case you are experiencing a problem due to malicious code:

There are also cases where a white page appears not because of wrong actions by the user, but because of a malicious attack on the site that may have been made, either through a bug in its code or through FTP.

To protect your site from similar incidents, what we recommend is to debug your code, or if you are using a ready-made application such as Joomla or WordPress, upgrade it to its latest version.

It is necessary to check for the presence of malware on the computers from which you manage your sites, so as to rule out the possibility of your passwords being intercepted. The check should cover both viruses and malware.

In case you face a problem due to an incorrect Update of your CMS:

First, make sure that before any upgrade action, you have saved a backup of your site. If for any reason the Update is not completed or it is completed and you have a blank page, what you should do is restore to a previous date when your site was functional. Before updating again, make sure that all technical conditions are met.

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