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What if the subscription renewal charge fails?

To renew a subscription, two billing attempts are made, in the event that one payment fails. The first attempt to renew a subscription is approximately 10 days before it expires and depends on the service (e.g. some domain endings require renewal to be done certain days before they expire, so this period of time is added to the 10 days).

The payment failure may be due to the card balance, in which case you will receive a relevant email informing you of the reason for the failure. In order for the second subscription renewal attempt to run automatically when you receive the first failure email, you should take the necessary actions recommended in that email to resolve the reason the payment failed.

Then another charge attempt will follow. If the payment fails again you will need to manually renew the service, otherwise the service will expire.

If you wish to manually renew your service at a different time than the one defined by the subscription model, you can deactivate the subscription and proceed to manual renewal through the subscription management pagefollowing the instructions you will find here. 

Please note that if your service is on renewal, it does not automatically renew with the subscription model you are using.

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